Antal I. Jákli Professor, Chemical Physics interdisciplinary Program & Liquid Crystal Institute Kent State University Contact Information Liquid Crystal & Materials Science Bldg Lab: Rms 246 & 249 (330) 672-1540 Office: Rm 319 (330) 672-4886 Email: CV/Bio M.Sc. Eötvös Lóránd University (Budapest), Physics, 1983 Ph.D. Eötvös Lóránd University (Budapest), Physics, 1986 Habilitation, Institute for Solid State Physics (Budapest), 1992 D.Sc. Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest), Physics, 2000 Courses 2010-Present: “Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Science”, 4  credit hour graduate course, Chemical Physics  Interdisciplinary Program, Kent State University 2003-2008: “Structured Fluids”, 3 credit hour course,  Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program, Kent State  University 2001-2009: “Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals”, 3  credit hour graduate course, Chemical Physics  Interdisciplinary Program, Kent State University 2001: “Liquid Crystal Physics”, 3 credit hour graduate  course, Department of Physics, Kent State University 1997-1999: “Basic Physical Laboratory Practices” for 1st and 2nd grade physics students, 4 credit hour course, instructor and co-author of the lab notes; Department of  Experimental Physics of the Technical University in  Budapest 1995-1996: “Basics of Soft Condensed Matter Physics”  lectures, 2 credit hour course, graduate course,  Department of Physics of the Technical University in  Budapest Our current research interests include bent-core and other reduced-symmetry liquid crystals,  electrospun fibers and mats, flexoelectricity and piezolectricity, small volume rheometry,  bent-core blue phases, and surface interactions of liquid crystals.  Recent News & Events  On 17 March 2015, doctoral student Cuiyu (“Tracy”) Zhang successfully defended her  dissertation titled Nanostructures of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals - Transmission Electron  Microscopy, X-Ray and Polarizing Microscopy Studies. Dr. Jákli recently attended the 2nd Paranaense Workshop on Complex Fluids (II.  Workshop Paranaense de Fluidos Complexos) at the Universidade Estadual de Maringá  in Maringá, Paraná, Brazil, on 10 March 2015 as an invited guest. Members of JákliLab recently attended the 2015 APS March Meeting in San Antonio,  Texas, to present results of their recent research. Muhammad Salili, Peter Popov,  Oliver Kress, Shokir Pardaev, and Larry Honaker all presented oral talks. JákliLab is delighted to welcome Hamed Shahsavan, a Chemical Engineering Ph.D.  Student from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, to the LCI.  Hamed is here for a few months to study liquid crystal elastomers for applications as  biomimetic adhesives. Welcome! Jákli Lab Attendees of the II. Worksop de Fluidos Complexos Jákli bácsi indoctrinating new potential victims. Group members taking a leisurely stroll along the river. (L to R) Oliver Kress, Peter Popov, and Muhammad Salili (Most of) JákliLab and a friend. (L to R) Muhammad Salili, Ralf Stannarius (OVGU), Tony Jákli, Larry Honaker, Peter Popov, and Oliver Kress Shokir remembering the Alamo. More aimless meandering.